Grouplessons snowboard

Snowboardlessons for adults

S4 Fieberbrunn snowboard groups - Convivial training with adherents

Grouplessons for every level

Learn how to snowboard, re-enter, improve your skills - we offer snowboard lessons for every different levels


  • GREEN  Familiarizse the equipment for beginners or newcomers, Gliding and schussing (boarding straight), sliding
  • BLUE  Drift turn high with weight shift, magic circle, drift turn high, tilt (tip) turns
  • RED   Drift turn low, tilt (tip) turn with body angulation, carving high and deep, leg play, short turns (high-neutral position), freeriding technic
  • BLACK Short turns centred position, short turns high position, bumps-compensation technique, carving high without snow contact, jump turns


  • Age: from 15 years
  • Course days: Sunday to thursday
  • Course times: 10.00am – 12.00am and 1.00pm – 3.00pm
  • Booking: halve or full day
  • Entry: for beginners - sunday and monday, for intermediate daily


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Brilliant package for families: 2 kids receive 6 full day grouplessons and the parents get 3 halve day lessons.

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